So, what can you expect?

My purpose here is to try and show you a different world based on my experiences. The places, cultures, languages, variety of customs I enjoyed (or didn’t ). The places around me that I look at with delight of getting the chance to visit them.

I hope to take you on a journey with me using the magic of the mightiest pen. Get ready, the next adventure is just around the corner.


Great to see you here. Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Ann-Shirley. Born in the Netherlands I emigrated at age thirteen to New Zealand. Through the years I’ve also lived in various countries like France, England, Canary Islands, Spain and am currently back in The Netherlands. At a very young age I became exposed to travel as my parents used to go abroad every year. This meant that I saw many wonderful and amazing places.

About this Blog

I created ¨Travel in Words¨ as like many I also enjoy telling people about the places I’ve seen, experienced and hope to see in the future.

My blog is a gateway to provide information and tips. There are a lot of other sites providing this service, but I hope you'll still find something of interest here.

Next Steps...

Don’t know what to do?  Read and research as much as you can about each place then go and see for yourself. Be receptive and prepared for surprises and changes. Enter here your email address for regular updates and enjoy.

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